“’Children learn much more by imitation than they do by instruction…If Dad does a lot of yelling himself, and gets easily frustrated when he does not get his way, it’s no surprise if his child acts that way. If Mom gets hyper-anxious when her child is frustrated or disappointed, the child will get hyper-anxious as well in the face of these strong emotions. A mom who is able to be a little calmer will be more likely to be able to help her child internalize calmness in the face of frustration and disappointment.’

Whatever your level of emotional reactivity, particularly in your interactions with your kids, they will start to imitate the crap out of you.”


Chocolate cake by my princesses 

Today we woke up and thought let’s bake a cake..Millie and Zuni mixed all the ingredients, everything was measured beforehand.. In this process of baking they learned to use correct measurements and also learned all the ingredients that are to be used for a cake.. Allhumdillah it turned out great… Yes we did get carried away with the decorations .. After we completed the cake, my girls were not patience enough.. They wanted few slices!, but I managed to save few for our neighbours .. Caring is sharing … 

Pampered princesses 

After 6pm on a Friday my princesses have a pampered evening , where they  have a luxury pedicure and massage included.. While their nails dry with this ..a product which includes a pink powder which is applied after the nail varnish giving the nails a valvet feel.. I straighten their hair with hairdryer and a hair product from youinque which gives their hair a smooth finish….after a great service they are treated to a fruit shoot and a burger while watching cartoons … Such an luxury end to a fine evening to them …….. Just wish I got the same treatment ………..

Mia henna artist

Well today I am soo excited to show this amazing artists work!! It arrived today, great customer service and a beautiful person. You can check out her products on facebook.. This was a mirror with a beautiful floral henna printed on it.. It was packed beautiful thank you very much for picking me as a winner .. I am so excited !!! Please do check this talented artists work ..Do purchase her products sooon.. Quality and a beautiful person xxx

Day out with the kids

  1. Well today I thought why not go out again with my kids, but this time it was with my sisters and my mum too. It was a great sunny day . We did last minute planning this time, we went to the play 360 in milton keyens.It was little bit busy, there was no place to sit but the girls and sufyan enjoyed playing around.. There was upstairs too where arts and crafts and Lego room was provided. I would recommend going in the Mornings for less traffic. But it had great features for everyone .. Mum enjoyed playing with the kids and even went to the slide!! .. Great day but right in the end my girls had a tantrum well that’s a another story to tell .. Do check it out xxx 

Day out

Well this whole week was all about getting out and staying active with my children.. Everytime we plan something , in the end it never happens, so this week I did not think about it , I just went out without thoughts of negative problems for example: ‘ I need to clean , I need to make food for hubby,I need to stay home… No this week was all about being positive and getting out of the house .. This was one of those things that needed to be done!!… I made sure food and house was all done a day before.. I made this plan to get my children out and little simple things do make a difference ….today we went to the cinema, had popcorn, milkshakes, Icecreams,  even had time to go meet Spider-Man  !! Everything can be done if your intention is good … Just that little smile is needed to know that they are happy … But taking my baby as well to the cinema that is indeed another story to tell in sha allah … Stay blessed and be happy xxxx


Allhumdillah for everything. As a housewife we forget that sometimes we need to get out and spend sometime with your beautiful close friends. We make so much excuses not to meet up.. Well I made my dish, did all the chores after my children went to asleep, my full intention was to meet my friend for her 30th birthday breakfast… Morning came, we met and had a laugh!! We can do so much more for our loved ones.. Stop thinking and get up to make a difference to your lives!!! I am grateful for everything, appreciate your loved ones and keep them close…                We had a full breakfast in Melbone and had a brilliant laugh about ourselves!!                                                       Just a small message for this friend thank you for everything, you never expect anything from me , you are always there when I need you good times and bad times.. We never hold a grudge ..I am so grateful for being your close friend…happy birthday and always remember you are soo rich for having your loved ones with you… Love you xxx